Echoviolet are a fairly new alternative rock group formed in 2019 and are based in Bradford, Yorkshire. Their music is a great blend of old and new and definitely have a developing distinctive sound.

A bit of history on the group. The band got to the finals of BINGLEY WEEKENDER battle of the bands in 2019 and have released 2 singles in 2019 and 1 in 2020 which have all been well received. The band have got into the MAS records artist development program in 2020 and now plan to release their debut EP this year (2021). Their next single ‘Come Back Home’ is one song that will be featured on their debut EP and is out on the 21st February this year.

I really enjoyed listening to their next single Come Back Home which is an emotional track that is based on War and missing loved ones. It made me picture soldiers who thought in World War 1 & 2 and the hardships many had to go through, as well as the ones at home who must have been deeply worried. The song definitely produces a soundscape that emits this kind of emotion.

The song production is also great. You have guitar creating nice ambient verse’s, spots of pianos and synths adding an almost cinematic feel and the vocals by singer James Whitely fit very well with the song. The song also features a very ‘David Gilmour’ esc solo at the end (for those Pink Floyd fans).

In a nutshell – Echoviolet produce yet another great single with ‘Come Back Home’ an emotional, passionate and inspiring song that shows that you can’t put this bands musical genre into one box. I look forward to their next single. Out 20/02/2021

Listen to the bands other singles below and make sure to follow them:





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