LasKee are an up and coming DJ & Producer duo from Leeds, UK and the group consists of Andy and Jordan who produce Progressive House, Deep House, and Melodic Techno. There latest releae features Wylam Dene who is a new indie alternative folk singer-songwriter also based in Leeds. 

Abyss is a great example of when two different contrasting styles/genres come together and create something great. Abyss is a single that can be enjoyed by fans of house and techno music but also fans of indie/pop/alternative.

The beats are hypnotising, the vocals are catchy and before you know it your hooked and your hitting the reply button. The song personally gives me 90’s vibes from songs such Porcelain – Moby and I can imagine it being favoured by many who enjoyed the 90s trance house scene.

Abyss’ was released on 22nd January on ‘We Are Phonik’ and is currently in the Hype Top 100 Melodic House and Techno Chart!

In a nutshell – If your not into house music yet, you will be 10 seconds after hitting the play button on ABYSS.

You can find the artists below:

Make sure to listen to the song below on Spotify:

LasKee Spotify
LasKee Instagram

Wylam Dene Instagram

We Are Phonik Webpage

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