Vipertime are a Leeds based ‘Heavy Jazz’ band who create improvised music for the dance floor. They combine 70s Addis with the ferocity of 60s Detroit to create a very special and ‘unique to our time’ style of sound. Vipertime has played venues and festivals across the UK, fusing heavy jazz, twisted post-punk and North African inspired grooves, and with their new release, all elements are amplified.

Vipertime is such a refreshing band. Their new double A-side Limbs / All Our Heroes Are Dead are songs that are sure to bring a tap to your toes and a spring to your steps. These two tracks have made me want this pandemic to end and for gigs to return so much, as this music will surely be so great to hear live.

Limbs would have my 90 year old grandma dancing on the table tops. The instrumentals are catchy, precise and well executed, these guys can play and have mastered their individual instruments. This is one I’m sure they can’t wait to play live and see the room come alive.

All our heroes are dead starts somber and has much emotion in the read lead instrument. The track builds and builds throughout and the drums and bass really help drive the song forward.

I really enjoyed this double A side. I hope to hear more from the band an I will definitely try to see them live when things are better.

In a nutshell – I can’t dance but Vipertime made me want to try! Great Jazz music you need to hear today!

Limbs is out on 05/02/2021 – Make sure to follow the band below and listen to their other songs:





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