Formed in York in 2018, Garrow Hill are a four-piece featuring Drummer PG Branton, Vocalist/Guitarist Mark Chappell, Vocalist/Guitarist Stew King and Bassist Dan Rawcliffe. 

The band’s music style is a mix of British Hard Rock, American Punk Rock and 90s Grunge which creates something new but reminiscent of the old.

Garrow Hill released their debut self-titled Live EP in 2019 and are now set to release a new set of singles this year starting with ‘Versions’ which was released 29/01/21.

Versions is a nice first taste of what the band is surely going to bring out this year. If you’re a fan of the bands past releases you will not be disappointed as Versions doesn’t stray from what the band is best known for producing.

The band say ‘Versions is a song that looks at how different people can see you in different situations. It’s about perception and how we see ourselves through others, but also how depending upon a situation, how the fabric of how a person is can be altered. It’s as much about appearance, or what is perceived as the superficial judgement on appearance, as looking beneath the obvious to what kind or character a person can be. A hidden message about the veneer of deceit or a genuine guardian angel.’ – I think the meaning of this is a song is very relevant at the moment.

Versions features some nice gritty hard rock / punk guitar, great vocal melodies and harmonies, and the punchy bass and drums really drive the song. The band show off their musical talent by making great use of pace and altering the rhythmic feel, by going half-time throughout (this gives you some perfect opportunities to head bang) and great use of stops, for them ‘nice gaps’, which live will sound great. The break in song, creates a nice contrast and then builds and builds for a triumphant final chorus.

You can really hear the bands influences in Versions and they stay true to what the band are aiming to do musically. For those who miss the British Hard Rock of old as well as American Punk Rock, then you will certainly enjoy this new release.

This is a great start to 2021 for Garrow Hill and I look forward to the bands other new singles coming out this year.

in a nutshell – Versions is an infectious, gritty, retro rock n roll track that leaves you wanting more.

Follow the band on their socials below and give their music a listen too!

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