Blue Orchid Reaction are an indie rock band based in Leeds, UK. The band formed 2 years ago playing a charity gig and since then they have played a range of venues around West Yorkshire such as Lending Room, Verve, The Parish, and Ukrainian Centre. Their music has been influenced by bands such as Blur, Oasis, REM, RHCP and Arctic Monkey’s and you can really hear those influences while listening to their music as well as this new single.

The single Escape to Plan, was originally released as part of the band’s EP ‘Four Chord Theory’, but it has now been remixed by Canadian producer, Alex Archer, who has totally transformed the track.

Escape To Plan is a political song, if you couldn’t guess already from the art work. The band say, ‘This single represents how angry the band feel, towards to generation failings of politicians serving their own needs and not those who elected them’.

The single has much to offer whether you like songs with a political influence or not. It grabs your attention from the start of the single, with a catchy bass line and an almost reggae feel. The song then morphs into a more ‘indie rock vibe’ which constantly builds throughout with edgy rock meatiness.

Paul Rice shows a strong vocal performance throughout with a catchy chorus melody and vocals that lock in nicely with the guitars and bass.

Let’s also give credit to Johnny Slater on drums who delivers a solid performance with drums that just ‘fit’ perfectly within the song and additional Kudos to Alex Archer, who has done a great job remixing this.

The band definitely have their own unique sound developing and I look forward to hearing more from the band as they become even more refined.

In a Nutshell, Escape To Plan is a strong start to the year for Blue Orchid Reaction and this band shows some great potential.

Listen to Escape to Plan above.

Support the band by following them on social media and checking out their other releases. Links below:

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