The Hazy Janes are a newly formed dynamic blues-rock duo from Halifax, UK. The band consists of Ellis Best (Vocals & Guitar) and Bron Bury (Drums). Both members have been in previous local bands, Ellis with Octopus and FREEK; Bron with Bigfoot and more recently Hunter-Gatherer. The Hazy Janes draw their influences from acts such as The Doors, The Dead Weather, and the Black Keys and you can really hear the bands influences in their debut single with that edgy, raw blues style.

Yellow Belly Blues was recorded late January 2021 at Young Thugs Studios in York and I am very impressed with how quickly this song has come together and how great this band’s debut single is!

This is what the band have to say about Yellow Belly Blues “The track itself came together over a period of months via the exchanging of voice notes & video calls. Ellis brought both the riffs and lyrics, from which we worked together on the arrangement. Tracks like ‘Blue Blood Blues’ by The Dead Weather’ were a big influence on this track. We wanted to get creative with the standard verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus structure and throw in a few curveballs. In short, the track itself is about being bold and brave. You are bound to feel anxious and nervous in tense situations but, in the words of my David Lee Roth, ‘you’ve got to roll with the punches to get to what’s real.’ “

The song starts well, with a massive fuzz tone that even Jack White would be envious of. It definitely grabs your attention with both arms and doesn’t let go till the end. The song packs a good punch and If you like your fuzzy blues riffs then you are in for a treat as there are some great licks and riffs all the way through Yellow Belly Blues.

The vocals of Ellis Best are also very well executed, with a catchiness and distinct bluesy feel to his voice which works very well for the bands style. The drumming by Bron Bury is also greatly played and well wrote, driving the song forward nicely and being just as catchy as the guitar riffs in places!

You can hear the bands influences throughout the song and they give me a Black Pistol Fire vibe, who area great blues duo from Austin Texas.

The Hazy Janes will be one of those bands that will be great to see live (once Covid is gone) as Yellow Belly Blues brings such good energy even if it’s through the record. If this is the band’s debut single, I cannot wait to see what comes next.

In a nutshell, Yellow Belly Blues is a tremendous first single. This is a band we are surely going to see great things from in the future.

Link to the track:
Spotify: Yellow Belly Blues – song by The Hazy Janes | Spotify

Soudcloud: Yellow Belly Blues by The Hazy Janes (

Make sure to support the band by following them on social media (links below):

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