Founded in 2016, Leeds-based indie group Repose have since reformed their lineup and written a hatful of hits to be released over the course of the next year. The four members include – Owen Kitchen on drums: Harry Lockwood on lead guitarist, James Douglas on bass and Matthew Fisher doing lead vocals. They have all made use of their respective, highly eclectic musical influences to create a modernised interpretation of the most-loved sounds of yesteryear.

NMY: Where did the name REPOSE come from and how did you decide on that name?REPOSE: A former member had had the name from a previous band of his, and he simply carried it over to us. The name’s kind of stuck though!

NMY: How do you guys go about the writing process for your songs?
REPOSE: Typically, it is I (Matthew Fisher) and/or the drummer, Owen, who will start an idea – and Owen will develop it and finish it. But some songs like Plus One originate from us jamming in a room and are more of a full-band effort. I.e., our bassist wrote the lyrics, our drummer produced and layered guitars, I wrote the bass line, and our guitarist overdubbed guitars. It really varies, to be honest.

NMY: What single would you choose to introduce other people to your band?
REPOSE: Our latest single Plus One. It was released back in November, and it has got a proper baggy/Madchester vibe to it. It is an indie dance song on face value, I suppose, and it is our best release to date, in my opinion. 

Listen to the bands 2020 single Plus One in link below:

NMY: What are your plans for 2021 as a band?
REPOSE: Like I said before, we have got a bunch of releases coming up, about which we are very excited! We want to get out, doing gigs too, but again, we do not know when that’s going to be possible right now. Cannot wait to get out and play the new songs though!

NMY: What can we expect from your upcoming EP?
REPOSE: The songs vary, but the trend is indie pop really. The songs all feature that chiming guitar sound we associate with 60s groups: The Byrd’s, etc. and they all take inspiration from The Stone Roses with regards to harmonies and layering. We just wanted to make an EP of proper summery, indie anthems. 

NMY: What other bands are you guys listening to now?
REPOSE: I am the singer/front man of the band, so my taste does not necessarily reflect the others’, obviously. I listen to quite a wide variety, really. I have been listening to psych/pop bands: Tame Impala, Pond, Melody’s Echo Chamber, etc. I listen to quite a bit of Boards of Canada, and Four Tet. I am really into Fleetwood Mac at the minute too! But, as I said before, I am just the front man, and we are a band of quite eclectic taste, really. I would say the main inspiration behind our sound is late 80s-early 90s baggy/Madchester.

NMY: Lastly, What’s the most funny story you guys have experienced as a band? 

REPOSE: That is a difficult one ha-ha! I would probably say the time when we were recording our debut single ‘World,’ and on the day of tracking bass, our bassist turned up blind drunk and he was playing so badly that our drummer had to record the bass tracks for us! Mad day that, ha-ha.

Make sure to follow the band on their socials below and keep an eye out for their 2021 releases! Thanks to Matthew for the interview and good luck for this coming year guys!

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