Flat Moon are a 5-piece alternative funk band hailing from Leeds, UK. The bands most reputable exposure came when they opened for Twisted Wheel at a sold-out Wardrobe gig in October 2020. This was soon followed by the band’s first headline slot at Oporto in Leeds, which almost sold out the 120-capacity venue. The group have released 9 songs to date with more brand-new releases coming out this year starting with their latest single Cherrywood.

Cherrywood is a shining example of what this band can really do. The song is the bands own take on a ‘love ballad’ and its drenched from beginning to end with a lavish funk and soul vibe. The new single is quite a lot different to the band’s other songs to date, but that is not a bad thing at all, this song really suites the bands style and it definitely shows off their song writing abilities.

Cherrywood swoons you in from the very start, with a bit of a Khruangbin (a soul, psychedelia band from US) feel and just goes from strength to strength throughout the 4 minutes. The single features some real nice instrumentals, including some very tasty bass, piano which really helps raise the choruses, a face melting solo and some very well executed vocal harmonies.

The production on Cherrywood is also very clear and bright. You can close your eyes and feel like our in the room with the band. This is a really fun song that you can have on repeat, there is so many nice, layered parts in the song that you discover with every listen.

You are definitely left wanting more from the band but this song was a perfect slice of funk pie and I cannot wait to hear the bands other new singles coming out this year.

In a nutshell, Cherrywood envelops you from the very start and is a must listen for fans of funk, soul and psychedelia music.

Listen to the bands new single Cherrywood below:

Make sure to support the band by listening to their other music, as well as following them on social media below:

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