Penny Whispers are a two piece Folk Pop Rock group from North Yorkshire and are completely independent, solely crafting every aspect of their work from songwriting & production to PR & release, it’s all done by just the two of them. They used to live on a ship, sailing around the world, performing for thousands of people every night and after four years of being on cruise ships together they decided to start their own band ‘Penny Whispers’.

The two have shared the stage with some big names, supporting Jessie J, Toploader, E17 & playing festivals alongside the likes of Ella Henderson & The Kaiser Chiefs. Their first single ‘Stay a While’ was dubbed “a powerful debut track” by BBC Introducing and I have had the pleasure of reviewing their latest new single ‘Upside Down‘ which came out on the 7th of March.

Upside Down is in my opinion ‘Penny Whispers’ best single yet, a galloping folk infused pop-rock anthem, with choruses that sound like if Mumford & Sons and KT Tunstall had a song baby together.

The lead vocals by Terri-Ann are incredible from start to finish and the instrumentals are beautifully layered, from the acoustic back bone, to the bluesy slide guitar, to the electric organ, it all comes together perfectly.

Upside Down fills you with positive energy as soon as the song starts, its definitely a song that sticks in your head all day and one that you will find yourself playing on repeat. It’s impressive that this song was created by just two people.

I am certain Penny Whispers get a lot of recognition for their strong song writing ability as well as their their majestic vocals, but lets take a moment to focus in on the instrumentals of this song. There are so many nice layers which help carry you though this track, from the elegant electric guitar, the tasty bluesy slide guitar, the claps, to those simple but very effective drums which march you forward throughout the song. Its all subtly done, but definitely helps add to the songs catchy composition.

This single will have listeners feeling interested in hearing the band live (once we can do so again) and it has me wondering how well the band pull off these single’s when its just just the two of them on stage. I for one would love to see the band play live, but it does make we wonder if the duo will eventually want to bring more musicians into the group so they can really show off their strong musicianship and song writing fully when performing live.

If your a fan of bands such as Mumford & Sons, KT Tunstall, Brandi Carlile and Sandi Thom you will no doubt really enjoy this folk-pop-rock duos news single and if your just a fan of music in general you will still absolutely enjoy ‘Upside Down’ and what it has to offer. I look forward to hearing more singles by this group as they seem to keep getting better with every song.

Listen to the bands latest singe using the link below:

Make sure to support the band by following them on their social media:

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