Jo Piguet is a bilingual English / French pop singer. She grew up in a small town in Switzerland and is determined to make music that is inspired from her personal experiences as well as from her surroundings. She is currently studying popular music at Leeds Conservatoire and has just released her debut single “Je t’aime”.

We spoke to Jo about her music and plans for the rest of the year:

NMY: Hi Joanna, thanks for speaking with us, we really enjoyed your single ‘Je T’aime’ . It feels like quite an emotional song. Could you tell us what the song is about and how you wrote / recorded the track?

Jo: Hi, thank you so much for having me! The song is about losing someone and trying to replace the hole that they left in your life. I think that the listener is really able to connect it with a lot of different scenarios and interpret it to their own lives.

NMY: Having parts of the song in French is very unique, is this something you want to continue to do with your future releases?

Jo: Thank you, for my first single I really wanted to release something that represented me, and a big part of who I am is my dual nationality and my bilingualism. However, I don’t think that I will be featuring French in every song.

NMY: Do you prefer singing in English Or French and if you do prefer one, why?

Jo: Being bilingual, I always had influences from both cultures. Growing up I really immersed myself in English/American pop, of course, with a nod to French pop. Additionally, depending on where I am, who I’m with, the experience and what the emotion entails, I find myself spontaneously switching between the two language, and therefore, I cannot merely choose one.

NMY: We know you are currently studying at Leeds Conservatoire, has this helped your songwriting and what are your plans once you have finished studying there?

Jo: Yes, I am currently studying pop at Leeds Conservatoire, which is the most amazing experience. I am so lucky to have met friends who have turned into key collaborators for my music, and the best feeling is working with people you trust and working with friends. For the future, I really want to see where this path takes me.

NMY: As well as getting your music out locally and in the UK, do you plan to release / perform in France or Switzerland having vocals in the French language?

Jo: That’s the plan! At the moment there aren’t a lot of female Swiss pop artists on the scene. I think that not having a role model in that way, really motivates me to inspire other aspiring Swiss singers who might have dreams to release music.

NMY: Has Covid and the restrictions affected your music writing/creativity and if so, how have you overcome this?

Jo: When Covid hit, it was at a time when I had just started to seriously think about releasing some of my music, and I think lockdown gave me the space I needed to write and explore what I want to represent as an artist. I’m not saying that I have figured everything out; creatively I think we are everchanging and accepting this has been one of the greatest insights during this pandemic.

NMY: What artists/bands would you say have strongly influenced your own music?

Jo: My music is inspired by people like Gabrielle Aplin, Adele, Freya Ridings and Sam Smith. These artists come to mind due to the emotional connection they establish with me.

NMY: What are your plans for the rest of this 2021 Joanna? Any gigs or new music set to release?

Jo: My plan for 2021, is to hopefully release my first EP; I say “hopefully” because since COVID I’ve learnt that plans can change, goals can move and… that’s okay.

NMY: What other new artists/bands are you enjoying listening to at the moment?

Jo: At the moment, I’m really enjoying artists like Griff and Ryland James. On a local level, I’m loving Wax Works, Eleanor Joy and The Little Plants

NMY: Lastly, What’s the most funny or interesting story you have experienced as a songwriter?

Jo: Once, I was writing outside, it was the summer so it was really warm. I was writing “old school”, in my lyric notebook. Suddenly, it started pouring down with rain and I lost all of my lyrics! A poetic moment turned very soggy!

We at NMY were really impressed by Jo’s singing ability and how unique the bilingual element of her music is.

You can listen to her debut single by following the link below:

Je T’aime – Jo Piguet by Jo Piguet (

Make sure to support Jo and her music by following her on her social medias below:

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