Exhibition is a project that started during the first lockdown. The group consists of Jack and Ben who are brothers from Hull. Exhibition released their first beat tape Pt. 1 on the 6th of March and is an upbeat mixtape of instrumental tracks boasting a variety of styles and influences.

We spoke to the brothers about their beat tape and this new project of theirs:

NMY: How did Exhibition start and how did you both meet?
Exhibition: So we’re actually brothers so I guess through our parents ahah.

NMY: How would you describe your music to everyone ?
Exhibition: Soulful beats that you can chill out and listen to.

NMY: You have released your first ‘beat tape’, for those who don’t know, what is a beat tape?
Exhibition: A beat tape is a collection of tracks that can be developed further into full songs. They tend to be a few songs long and often don’t contain many lyrics but are rather just the instrumental sections.

NMY: Which 1 track of yours would you choose to introduce people to your band?
Exhibition: We’d say Bloom is probably our best one, or at least the one we feel is the most complete.

NMY: How do you go about creating your music?
Exhibition: It tends to come out of boredom really. Especially with lockdown being in place, we get bored quite quickly and making tunes really helps the time fly by. But when we are writing music sometimes we might start with a small melody, chord progression or sample or something then we just build it from there. It’s pretty easy to tell if it’s gonna be good within the first half an hour.

NMY: What bands or artists influenced you both and how have they affected your music ?
Exhibition: I know it’s a cliche but we do listen to a wide variety of music and maybe to pin down two or three artists wouldn’t really explain all of our influences but in the field we are currently working in I’d say Tom Misch, J Dilla and MF DOOM amongst others.

NMY: Outside of your music do you both have any other creative outlets?
Exhibition: So both of us actually play in different bands outside of Exhibition. Ben plays bass in the indie outfit VIALETTERS having released 5 singles with them and played countless gigs in and around Hull. Jack plays guitar in the Hull based band Speakeasy as well as studying music production at uni.

NMY: How has the pandemic affected you as artists ?
Exhibition: It really helped us start this project. When the first lockdown came in Ben came home from Uni and that’s when we started working together on making tracks. Not many of those early ones are still about but since then we’ve been working a lot more on this project. By the time the second lockdown came in we were in full swing with Exhibition and many of the songs on Pt. 1 are from that time in November.

NMY: Have you found during Covid19 & lockdown you have been more creative or less so?
Exhibition: Definitely more creative. I mean we understand this has been a difficult year for a lot of people but we’ve tried to use our time as best we could. Maybe without the boredom we wouldn’t have been as creative as we have been

NMY: Lastly, What are your plans for the rest of 2021 with your music?
Exhibition: We’ve recently been working on a single which should be out soon(ish). Other than that we want to start working with more people especially singers and rappers to get some more singles out. We will keep working on future beat tapes with hopefully at least two more out this year. Hopefully with gigs coming back we will start getting a few of those.

Exhibition say “The essence of Pt.1 is to cut through the monotony and stress of lockdown life in Britain with dreamy keys and driving beats. This beat tape is easy to consume for audiences with a variety of tastes and offers the listener twenty minutes of escape. Pt. 1 shifts dynamics constantly creating a flow that effortlessly takes you from start to finish always wanting slightly more from the pair.

We at NMY really enjoyed listening to their beat tape, nice relaxing music great for these current hard times where we all need to relax more.

Make sure to show your support to the brothers and follow them on their socials and give their beat tape a listen!

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