‘DANCING WITH THE DEVIL’ debut single by Sam Readman

Sam Readman is a new singer songwriter from Teesside, UK and her debut single ‘Dancing With The Devil‘ is out today! (10th April).

Sam says the song is about “The inner monologue you have when returning to a partner you know is no good for you“. There is definitely some Florence and the Machine and Adel vibes in the song, which is two of Sam’s main influences as well as a bit of a ‘country’ feel. We at NMY really like the track and we asked Sam to give us some more information on herself as well as what she is aiming to do this year with her music.

“I have been singing for as long as I can remember. My singing debut was at the age of five at the Arc in Stockton singing Oliver Twist ‘who will buy’ and that was it, I fell I love with singing. At the age of 15 I started singing function sets at pubs, weddings (anywhere that would have me). I have now started to teach singing and I am working as an self employed teacher now under the name ‘Sam Readman Vocal Coach’. “

Sam Readman Vocal Coach | Facebook

“I went on to study Music at Leeds Conservatoire, which is where I really found my sound. I started singing with a DJ under the name ‘Hot Sick’ and have preformed at a few festivals such as ‘Beat-herder festival’ and ‘Sol Fest’. After graduating I decided it was about time I released some original music under my name.”

“The next single is written and raring to go! She is a bit more of a ballad than Dancing with the Devil and I’m excited! I’m hoping to record a music video to go with it. That will be a new experience and I’m very camera shy so that could be interesting… I also can not wait to get out gigging, I predominantly do function gigs (as that’s what pays the bills), but I do have some gigs playing originals in the pipe line!”

You can hear Dancing With The Devil in the below link:
Sam Readman | Free Listening on SoundCloud

We at NMY think Sam Readman shows off a very strong vocal performance in ‘Dancing With The Devil‘. The song has a strong ‘country’ feel and builds nicely throughout. We really look forward to hearing new music from her and we hope she can overcome any camera shyness for her future music video.

Make sure to show your support for Sam Readman and local music by following her on her social media (links below) and by giving her debut single a listen today!

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