Want a Review, Interview or Feature?

We want to help promote musicians in Yorkshire and showcase the great music Yorkshire has to offer.

We have been promoting musicians in Yorkshire since May 2020.

For a review, interview or feature on our website (as well as Instagram, Facebook, Spotify) which you can use for your EPK, feature on your socials or your website, then all we ask for is a small £5 donation. This helps fund the website as well as allow us to give small donations to our writers for there time. Only pay once you have been in contact with us and we have arranged a plan for you.

If the above is of interest then please send links to your song, album or EP, information on your band, your song release date as well as some photos we can use. We also would like to know where your based in Yorkshire as well as some interesting happenings with your band (have you got new album coming out, festivals booked, music videos made etc..)

As mentioned, we only feature bands and musicians based in Yorkshire, UK.

We get a lot of emails so sometimes it may be a while before you hear from us.

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